Introduction of bile acid

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    Bile acid is an important component of bile and plays an important role in fat metabolism. Bile acids are mainly present in the intestinal-hepatic circulatory system and play a protective role through recycling. Only a small amount of bile acid enters the peripheral circulation.
    As a manufacturer of bile acids, Henan Liwei Biological Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. reminds you that many experts in the animal medicine community have conducted research on this and found that bile acids emulsify fat in the animal body to expand the contact area with lipases; regulate pancreas The activity of lipase and lipoprotein esterase improves the hydrolysis of fat; it transports fat in the intestine and promotes the absorption of fat. In addition, bile acids significantly reduce the catabolism of autologous fat by regulating the activity of hormone-sensitive lipase. In summary, bile acid can save energy raw materials, improve energy utilization, improve growth performance, and is a "positive energy" to save resources.

Created on:2020-06-16 16:17