The medicinal function of ox bile powder

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1. Early whitening treatment
The ox bile powder is still a commonly in Chinese traditional medicine for the treatment of early whitening in humans hair. During the treatment, ox bile powder, Polygonum multiflorum, Bai Fuling and Huaijiao can be put together to be grinded, after adding honey and mixing thoroughly, it is made into sycamore-sized pills, which can be taken for 10 grams to 15 grams each time.
2. Treatment of gold sores
Ox bile powder can reduce swelling and relieve pain, as well as clear heat and detoxify. It can be used for external treatment of gold sores in humans. During treatment, ox bile powder and lime can be mixed together and mixed with vinegar to make a paste, which is then directly applied to the affected area. , Change the medicine once a day, and the symptoms will be relieved after three to five days of continuous use.

Created on:2020-06-29 18:45