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Bile Acid

Bile acid is the main active component of the bile. It is a series steroid substance which is generated by cholesterol metabolizing.

Bile acid is the main active component of the bile. It is a series steroid substance which is generated by cholesterol metabolizing. Bile acid has multiple biological activities. 

In the process of utilizing fat ,bile acid takes effect on fat emulsification, digestion and absorption. If the fat utilization is not high and the fat will lead to hepatomegaly, gallbladder enlargement and other fatty liver disease.Bile acid can be added to prevent and treat liver and gallbladder diseases, improve the energy efficiency of feed, enhance animal health  and promote the growth of animal.


For the shrimp and crab, they can not secrete bile acid and cholesterol by themselves. Adding bile acid can increase the feed utilization, promote the metamorphosis and growth, shorten the peeling time and improve the health of shrimp and crab.